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Arai Chaser-X Helmet Collection

Arai’s Chaser-X new designs are leading the market at present. They include a replica of former GP racer Kevin Schwantz’s design from the tail end of his glittering racing career among other eye-catching paint jobs.

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Competition Black

Full face composite fibre helmet
Multi-adjustable lining
ECE, DOT and Snell certified
Pinlock Max Vision (insert included)
Double-D ring fastener
Weighs 1.6kg (3.6lbs) – slightly heavier than average
5 year warranty

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Competition Red

The biggest seller so far of the Collection and rightfully so is the Tough Red Version.

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Tough Red

As per most Arai crash helmets, there’s a diamond (gloss) white and black and a frost (matt) black. There’s also their Shaped, Tough, Competition and Finish graphics which are more conventional Arai designs as well as the swirly Style graphics in either black or pink.

To check out all of the Collection and the reset our helmets click below.

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Importance of Motorbike Boots

The purpose of motorcycle boots is to protect the rider from leg injuries and various other accidents. A motorcycle is a vehicle that is used for transportation. Ever since the motorcycle was invented there have been a lot of accessories that was invented for the motorcycle riders. Some may argue that motorbike boots are the most important part of clothing when riding a motorcycle.

Ever since the invention of this vehicle there have been a lot of changes and it has evolved into a completely different machine that is much easier for the human use. As the development with the motorcycle took place so did the variety of needs for the motorcycle. Now riding a motorcycle along with its accessories or line of products have been an obsession for men especially the ones with the need for speed type of vehicles. These days due to the advent of other vehicle motorcycles usage is depleting but certain people still use it for the thrills and power that is gained by driving the bike.

On such powerful accessory which is needed to ride the motorcycle are the motorcycle boots and they are available in a variety online as well. In fact, motorcycle boots range from above ankle boot to underneath knee boots. It is a special purpose boots that is used only by the riders for riding the motorcycle. The motorcycle boots resemble a normal boot from outside but it has a small heel that helps the rider to have more control over the motorcycle. In order to have more protection for the legs while riding a motorcycle the boots are made of thick and heavy leather. The materials in the boots may also include the following such as energy absorbing as well as load spreading padding, plastic metal in addition to composite materials. The motorcycle boots protect the rider’s feet, legs and ankle during the time of an accident. During a wet weather there are also boots with water proof lining outside or water resistant leather is used. Depending on your style, there are various choices of boots to choose from. Sometimes it is worth sacrificing Style for Safety.

Touring boots, motocross boots, engineer boots, motorcycle police boots, harness boots etc. in addition to racing boots all these boots fall under the category of motorcycle boots. All these boots are used for different kinds of bikes or various purposes. But they are basically made out of the same material and they have the same look, they might come out with a little variation according to their use. It is always thrilling to wear these boots as they give a great look. So, do have a look on our motorcycle boots on online platforms as we offer good discounts and offers from time to time to their clients and you can select easily from their wide selection of boots.

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Essential Protective gears

Essential Protective gears

Motorcycles are famous for riding and adding up to different accessories to your kitty as well. While riding the riders whether a girl or boy likes to accessorize them with the rugged accessories to give the stylish look to themselves. The accessories can be worn not only to give a stylish look, but also help protects you from various injuries.  The leather vest is one of the famous accessories which people love to wear while riding the motorcycle. And if you are going for an adventure ride than to it is essential to put on a protective gear that is sufficient to give you a thrill that you cannot experience in your regular clothes. We would also suggest to have a best insurance policy that is rocky point insurance for you and your motor.

Motorcycle leather vests provide sufficient comfort and room to have an adventurous ride without skipping the most important cause of wearing the vest as well. These vests are meant to wear as an innerwear by girls and boys, but due to their look and popularity, they are mostly worn by the people as an external wear.

Leather Vests


The leather vest can be bought through quality shops and online too, through various websites as well, as they require money to be invested and they need to be made up of the quality leather as they have to withstand the harsh weather, strong winds, and situational rains.  When we talk about the apparels while driving other than vest another apparel that is very common while riding is the denim jeans which keeps your legs safe to some extent and gives the flexibility to drive in unconditional weather as well.  Another protective gear that can be used to protect yourself in knee pads, they are very much useful when it comes to the accidents as when the motorcycles got hit, then knees and legs are the first things to get affected. So do care of them while going on longer rides


Wearing the proper attire is a safeguard for your future as it will help in keeping the user safe from the injuries and other dangerous effects caused by various accidents. As precautions are always considered better than cure so do take care of the attires and the safety rules while riding the motorcycle. The protective gear can be chosen from will surely act as a shield for you in the adverse circumstances too, but do remember the gears you use should be of supreme quality. The protective gear is necessary if you are racing on a 64 impala coupe. Be fearless and drive the road through!!!

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Check your Helmet Fitting

Check your helmet fitting, before riding

Being a motorcycle enthusiast, motorcycle helmets are one of the highest ranking safety items you will ever purchase, whether it is motorcycle helmets, motocross helmets or scooter helmets you want all the protection possible. This head protection must not only be an approved quality but properly fitted for maximum protection. The difference a between good motorcycle helmet and cheap motorcycle helmets can be the difference between life and death. Why go to the expense of buying and wearing motorcycle helmet if they are not going to protect you?


Helmets for Riders

Number one advisory, never buy used motorcycle helmets or borrow a friends. Over time the protective foam and removable pads will adjust to the contours of the primary users head. Used or borrowed motorcycle helmets are a safety compromise for you. New helmets that closely fit you offer much more protection and safety. Beyond that reason, you never know how often or how hard a used/borrowed helmet has been dropped. Dropped enough times and a helmet loses its’ ability to protect you and may not perform up to the standards, even if it is DOT approved.

Number two advisory, stay away from so called “Novelty Helmets”. These are exactly what they claim to be, novelty, and not intended for street use or protection of any kind. They are manufactured to set on a bookshelf somewhere to generate conversation. These helmets are not DOT approved and do not have the ability to protect you in any shape, form or fashion in an accident. There are multiple options available in online websites and are considered as one of the reliable sources too like choose the best one for yourself.

Proper Fit & Sizing: Wearing the wrong size helmet can will surely enhance the risk of death in an accident or the chances of serious injury. The purchase or selection of the right size motorcycle helmets is much easier if you are purchasing at a brick and mortar location; internet purchases are a little more difficult but there are some things you can do to simplify the process by following these suggestions:

1.) Measure your head by paper tape measure or wrapping any cloth around your head about one inch above your eyebrows.

2.) Use the standard sizing chart to select the motorcycle helmets size that corresponds most closely to your head measurement. Size charts can usually be found on the internet retailers site, if not you can always Google “motorcycle helmet size charts”. If your head size falls between two motorcycle helmets sizes, try the larger size first and then the smaller size. All motorcycle helmets vary somewhat in sizing and shape but most manufacturers have standardized the sizes. I don’t know of any internet retailer that will not happily exchange sizes for you.

3.) Check for a Proper Fit by checking that:
• The helmets inner lining fits snugly around your head
• The top pad presses firmly on your head
• The Cheek pads contact your cheeks.
• There is no space around your brow under the inner lining.

You can check the final fit by trying to insert your fingers between your head and the helmets lining. With the chin strap tightened move your head quickly in a front to back motion; the helmet should not slide in either direction. Next move your head quickly from side to side; again the helmet should not slide in either direction. You should feel the helmet move your skin and cheeks slightly. If the helmet slides around or moves considerably you should try a smaller size. Last but not least, put both hands on the back of the helmet and try to pull it upward of your head; you should not be able to pull this helmet off if it is properly fitted.

So, do prioritize your requirement and select the best helmet from the wide range for yourself.

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Accessorize your motorcycle with wonderful products

Accessorize your motorcycle with wonderful products

Many motorcycle drivers always brag about the fact that motorcycling is the best when it comes to moving machines, not disputing that fact we all believe whatever they say is due to the experience they have. We have done a little research and found out that, most of them say that because of the wonderful motorcycle accessories available for them to use in making their motorcycles look extraordinary. Motorcycles are one class of machines that need extra care because; they might look beautiful when being ridden but can be very dangerous when its accessories are not well installed or fixed.

Exquisite motorcycle accessories like tires and the helmet are the two most valuable assets of a motorcycle not forgetting the engine. Yes, we all know that having a good engine is the best but so long as technology is concerned mistakes do happen along the way so having a valuable helmet and excellent tires will be very good body guards to your motorcycle’s engine. There are many motorcycle accessories you can buy and use in pimping your motorcycle; they are made in so many forms and types by different companies and most of the time you cannot tell which brand of motorcycle you might be staring at because; all accessories on the motorcycle may vary from one brand to the other.



Some people think that, making your motorcycle look extravagant by using so many motorcycle accessories is the best but take my advice, it is sometimes the best to have just few but nice, attractive and long lasting accessories from the right places for your motorcycles. The headlight of a motor cycle is also one very important accessory because; without it the driver is bound to have a series of accidents especially at nights.

Remember that, safety and quality being the first two choices to consider when purchasing or buying motorcycle accessories will include the purchasing of a good and quality helmet which also fits your head perfectly. Accidents are bound to happen so long as you ride a motorcycle but when you have a very good and quality helmet which will not jump off your head when the need arises, your life can be saved from unnecessary injuries that could have been prevented. Remember to also consider the cost involved when buying any accessory because, although quality is needed; you must have a budget and be strict about that. When you are travelling with your kid it is necessary to be have all the gadgets particularly helmets, you can find other cloths in the moderne child dresses for kids portal which suites for travelling. You can buy all of these products by borrowing money from finance knight.


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Things to Know Before Buying Motorbike Jackets


If you are planning to buy motorbike jackets, then you will want to find out how you can get the right one. That is because, choosing a motorbike jacket is not your regular thing. You do not want to purchase jackets often nor do you want to keep wasting your hard earned money. The idea is to buy a jacket and use it for several years. The main issue here is that, these jackets come with several designs and that is when you find it difficult to choose the right one.

When choosing a jacket always makes sure that you choose one which comes with thickness. That is because it can protect you during the time of accidents or falls. Sometimes when driving on a wet road, the motorbike can skip causing mild injuries. This is when, having a strong and thick jacket enables you to stay safe from the fall. It is also vital that you wear all the safety gear.



Leather motorbike jacket is always a hit among riders. Wherever you go, you can find them wear these jackets. It gives them the ideal look of a biker. When you want to ride a motorbike down the highway and want to get the real feeling of one, then a leather jacket is a must. While in hot summer, leather jackets might not be suitable especially if you are from a tropical country, you can wear leather jackets which feature protective inserts for additional protection.



These days a wearing textile jacket is becoming the norm. You can find many bikers wearing textile jackets. They are lightweight and maintain a high degree of abrasion resistance. The material known as Cardura which is incorporated with many applications come with stab proof and bulletproof vests. They are normally worn by military and police force.


What will your choice be?

It goes without saying that the kind of jacket you want to wear depends on your personality. Usually you would strike up with the leather jacket. However, when you feel that you are comfortable with a lighter jacket, then you can wear one. It is very crucial that you perform some research before you buy one. That enables you to make sure you are getting the jacket that is right for you.

Motorbike jacket may seem like an expensive affair, but when you want to make sure that you are safe, and then it is important you do not put safety over the price.


Some of the motorbike jackets are ARMR-Moto-CE-Approved-Level-2-Back-Protector-Motorcycle-Jacket, Bikers-Gear-Motorcycle-Avalanche-Hi-Viz-Waterproof-Jacket-Armour-Vented, Australian-Bikers-Gear-Black-Motorcycle-Waterproof-Armoured-Thermal-Motorcycle-Jacket, Camouflage GREY BLACK ARMY Cardura Motorcycle Motorbike Jacket,vermont fake id, Black-Hi-Vis-Motorcycle-Vest, CE Approved Black Armored Quality Leather Motorcycle Biker Racing Jacket, etc.These motor cycle jackets can also be used on old vehicles such as 1964 impala ss black as they have no safety measures considered to these new once. These jacket would protect the driver from fatal damages when there is an accident.

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What to Know Before Buying Locks and Alarms for Motorbike?

What to Know Before Buying Locks and Alarms for Motorbike?


When you own a motorbike, then you will want to know that owning a reliable and quality security system is very important. Always ensure that the garage where you keep your bike is not damaged , if it is damaged contact the nearest garage door service to repair it immediately. That is because theft can happen day/night. You can also have emotional security dog, to secure the motorbike. When you travel regularly and leave it outside in a public place,then you need to be able to have the right security system which can protect your motorbike. You would be glad to know that there are many locks and alarms available for you to choose from.

These are made from durable materials which offer excellent protection from theft. You will want to however, make use of more than a single security measure to improve your bike protection. In this article, we will read about some of the best bike protection systems. There are also many suppliers for you to choose from. They can provide you with the right security system at the most competitive prices.

  • High pitched siren


Only £9.99

The motorbike comes with high pitched siren which comes with high sound when there is a attempted theft. Before installing the lock and alarm, you will want to make sure that they are of a reputed firm. That helps protecting your motorbike. The sheer sound that is emitted from the siren is enough to alert you, whether at work or home.

  • Powerful immobilizer

You have immobilizers which are even better as they come with the ability to immobilize your motorbike in case of theft. Though the thief tries to start it, the motorbike stops moving. You get something known as an alarm and immobilizer combination unit. You are informed through your smart phone about the theft of your motorbike and through the GPS, you can easily find out the exact location, in case the thief decides to push your motorbike manually.

They can be slightly expensive and time consuming. However, getting them fixed would be the best option.


Some of the security systems which are ideal for your motorbike include Unpickable Anti-theft Dual Key Motorbike Motorcycle Scooter Moped Disc Brake Lock, 1800mm-chain-lock-long-heavy-duty-with-padlock, Abus-Granit-Quick-3760HB70-CSB-SRA-Certified-Anti-Theft-Disk-Lock-for-Motorbikes, 5-x-Bicycle-Security-Stickers-GPS-Tracker-Tracking-DeviceWarning-MountainRacingBikeCyclingMotorbikeMotorcycleBMX-Shark-Alarm-Systems, Accessotech-Alarm-Disc-Lock-Anti-Theft-for-Motorcycles-Motorbike-Scooter-Padlock-6mm-Pins, etc.

As you can see, there are several options for you to choose from. Based on your requirements and budget, you will want to choose the security system you want. It is crucial that the company you select is reliable and genuine. You certainly do not want to choose a company that does not provide reliable service in case of thefts. You need to also remember to get it installed on your motorbike by a reliable serviceman.

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Motorcycle Helmets

Somewhere between the open-face helmet and the full-face helmet is the modular motorcycle helmet — also called a flip-up helmet, flip-face helmet, system helmet and other names. This style helmet permits the wearer to raise the facial section out of the way, allowing him to eat, drink, smoke or simply remove a barrier to conversation without going through the rigmarole of unfastening and removing his helmet and then replacing it and reattaching the strap. We know some eyeglass wearers who feel these motorcycle helmets are their only option for full facial coverage, although our experience indicates this isn’t true. Modular motorcycle helmets are perceived as providing the benefits of an open-face helmet with the protection of a full-face helmet.

The pretty metallic blue of our Mono Convertible’s polycarbonate shell consistently caught the eyes of people scanning our modular helmet collection and helped earn testers’ top marks for appearance. The pivot hardware hides behind small faired-in covers, and the Italian stylists obviously took some time to fashion the two swooping top vents. However, the result requires that you adjust each vent separately instead of with a single control, and they have little discernible effect. The small chin vent does help defog on cold rides. A single chin button opens the plastic latch for the flip face, and it appears unlikely to open in a crash. Some testers complained that the latch movement was slightly stiff. The shield worked easily, even with heavy gloves, sealed well and may be removed with a coin. The eyeport provided a wider-than-average view. A unique option is a kit that lets you convert it to an open-face helmet.

This Korean helmet maker has a well-established reputation for making solid helmets at attractive prices. The conservatively styled and well-finished Symax combines a fiberglass main shell with an ABS/polycarbonate face section. The face plate opens smoothly after you pull up on the single large latch button in the bottom of the chinbar, and it latches closed easily. Based on what we saw in the lab, we strongly advise any potential buyer to be certain that the Symax latch button does not open the facial section when the helmet rolls forward forcefully against the chin, neck or chest, as it might in a crash. The latch mechanism itself is plastic.

With less integrated styling than the other modulars and unimpressive detailing and features, the Lazer Century received indifferent marks for appearance. The protruding chinbar is visibly separate from the IMAC composite shell and pivots on big, obvious aluminum pivot screws. The back features a large, lenticular reflective panel inset into the shell. Two squeeze-together buttons operate the plastic latching mechanism for the flip-up section and ensure that it can’t be deployed accidentally, but it must be opened to don the helmet. The retention strap closes with a quick-release buckle, which is nicely padded and comfortable.

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Bike routes around uk

¬Bike routes around UK
The Cat and Fiddle run – A537, Buxton-Macclesfield, England
This 11km-long strip of tarmac in the Peak District is a rite of passage for bikers – but beware: the RAC have labelled it in the past as Britain’s Most Dangerous Road. A 50mph speed restriction has helped with the spills, but one ride of it will tell you why bikers keep coming back. Depart at the Macclesfield end, but watch the early section. Concentration is key as the corners just keep coming, getting progressively tighter. Up on to the moors and the bends open up, low stonewalls giving great views and good visibility for hazards ahead. The road hugs the hillside and dives left and right before ending up at the Cat and Fiddle pub for coffee and a note-swapping chat with the hundreds of bikers who flock there.
The Antrim coast road, A2 Northern Ireland


Rumored to be the road where Joey Dunlop first broke-in his leathers, the 60-mile A2 is an incredibly biker-friendly place for many reasons. The NW200 is staged in the area, so those who missed their calling as a racer can enter their very own world of road trials, just stick to the speed limit and don’t get carried away with the overtaking manoeuvres! Anyone on a motorcycle tour round here can make the most of the pretty fishing villages and get right up to the sea, with The Giant’s Causeway at the end, and spend several days making the most of the open roads in the area.
The A82, Glasgow to Inverness

The A82 is a truly joyous motorcycle road, gracefully sweeping between Glasgow and Inverness without anything to hinder the ride. If ever a road was laid for bikers, this is it. The road clings to the amazing Scottish landscape, taking in Loch Lomond, heading through Glencoe and past Loch Ness (monster sightings not guaranteed) to Forts William and Augustus. If riding this road, take time to appreciate the sights along the way – there are plenty of guesthouses, B&Bs, hotels and campsites to rest your weary heads (and legs!).You can make a portfolio of all the pictures and videos taken during the trip and put it on your social media platforms. You can promote this portfolio by using seo one click marketing agency to get more views and likes to your bike trip pics.

Make a interesting video about this trip and get a real views on social media – it will become a real hit!

The A4117, Clee Hill, Shropshire



The A4117 offers a long ride through the hills of Shropshire. Riding from Ludlow to Cleobury provides the more challenging descent but either way, the views are incredible and there are always plenty of bikers about for company. Stop for a rest at the top of Titterstone Clee Hill, which stands more than 1,500 ft above sea level, and take in the breathtaking Malvern Hills and Welsh mountains while picnicking in the remains of the old quarries.
The Horseshoe Pass, A542, north Wales

The A542 in north Wales is one of the country’s most spectacular motorcycle roads, and that’s no mean feat! The steady incline makes both the ascent and descent easy and enjoyable, giving even the newest bikers chance to hit the open road and have fun in safety. The Horseshoe Pass is so-named because of the shape it takes as it winds around the valley. At 1,400 ft above sea level, the peak is a great place to stop and survey the world.